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Fast Rx Transfer helps you efficiently transfer the prescriptions that Patient Pipeline helps you acquire from national chains. Using Fast Rx Transfer’s patented, HIPAA-compliant online platform, you can transfer and request new prescriptions quickly and easily, without wasting valuable time on the phone and also avoiding verbal transcription errors. It’s like the Surescripts of transfers. This elegant solution was created by two pharmacists, and now hundreds of pharmacists have more time to dedicate to revenue-producing initiatives such as vaccinations and MTM.

“I’m able to minimize workflow interruptions and better use my time savings. Long phone hold times are gone!”

Amy of Parkwood Pharmacy of Alvin, Texas

MobileXpressRx helps you offer online shopping with the extra convenience of in-store pickup or home delivery, which you can promote via Patient Pipeline. MobileXpressRx is a cloud-based shopping cart solution that syncs to your inventory and then displays your available products on your pharmacy's customized MobileXpressRx online store. Over 10,000 SKUs are available and its integrated with AmerisourceBergen, Cardinal, IPC, and McKesson. You can also easily add this online shopping to your current website, including those powered by Digital Pharmacist, and even to your pharmacy’s Facebook page. Now, creating and managing an online store is a simple, inexpensive process, as MobileXpressRx maintains all product images, descriptions, pricing, categorizing, filtering, etc. Your patients have the option to pick up their online order at your pharmacy or have it home delivered by you, which helps you retain your patients and gain new ones. This turnkey solution was created by a pharmacist, knowing this would help fellow pharmacists offer something that The Big Guys don’t.

"MobileXpressRx connects directly with my supplier for all product in-stock statues and retail pricing! This is a must have for all independent pharmacies. Our customers expect us to offer an online shopping experience"

Luke, Pharmacy Owner

Swell accelerates your pharmacy growth by adding new customers via online reviews on Google, Facebook, etc. Easily obtain these reviews from your patients with auto-texts sent after you serve them. Swell creates better and more frequent reviews to increase your online visibility and relevance in local online search results. Plus, stay in excellent contact with your patients through Swell’s two-way texting platform, as well as engage with your website visitors instantly via text. Finally, collect private feedback from your patients to improve your pharmacy. Swell was built to serve compounding pharmacies and has since expanded to serve thousands of local businesses.

“Absolutely love Swell! I have looked into and used other options, and Swell is the best. We immediately saw a big uptick in the number and quality of reviews left by our clients. Super easy to use. In one click clients can leave easy ratings and reviews on Google, Facebook, Yelp, whatever. They send a report every month detailing the number of reviews requested, the number posted, average rating, and the number that were posted on the various search sites.”
Jeff, Business Owner

TAKE CHARGE is a one-on-one obesity education program administered by pharmacists, which you can acquire patients for via Patient Pipeline. It’s focused on patients with diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, GERD, sleep apnea, etc. Each patient is led through their personalized program by a healthcare professional that they’ve learned to trust: you, their pharmacist. This turnkey solution includes everything you need to launch and manage this program, including a proprietary body composition analyzer, patient apps with education videos, and staff training. TAKE CHARGE is an extremely profitable clinical service, generating a minimum cash profit of $1,000, while also saving the patient so much money on their current food budget to pay for the program. Plus, physicians are very supportive of it, as this helps them improve their performance metrics. This win-win-win program is owned by a pharmacist who knows your challenges and also the benefits this program can be for you, your patients, and physicians.

Please watch this 3 minute testimonial

Jim Richards of Corner Drugs of Chatsworth, Georgia

Independent Pharmacy Benefits is a group health insurance plan from ABP Brokers that saves you thousands each year, some of which you can use to acquire more patients via Patient Pipeline. Finally a plan created from the ground up for pharmacies. It offers PPO multi-state level funded plans, national/state provider networks, wellness incentives, preferred independent pharmacy network, pass through PBM, telemedicine, and an online employee management portal. It reduces your healthcare expenses while giving you and your staff as good, if not better healthcare. Imagine saving 15 - 25% on your monthly premium and how much that would help your cash flow and bottom line. This program was co-created by IPC, so you know it has your best interests in mind.

"We now have excellent coverage at a very affordable cost, and the continued attention to my needs and questions has been outstanding."

Steve Coomes, Aubrey Pharmacy, Aubrey, TX

Pharmacy Universe is coming soon to help you compete with The Big Guys. It already hosts your Landing Page for each digital ad. Soon, it will also help you retain your current patients and help you acquire new ones with its pharmacy locator, pharmacy profile page for each pharmacy, exclusive products, health articles, etc. Plus, you’ll earn a percentage of online sales of exclusive products purchased by patients who live in your community. Pharmacy Universe is member of the Patient Pipeline family of family-owned businesses helping your family-owned business serve families.

Perk Energy is a healthy alternative to coffee and Red Bull, which you can promote via Patient Pipeline. Perk Energy is an instant drink that tastes delicious warm or cold. It fuels you with protein from whey and collagen, EGCG from green tea, and just enough caffeine to help you get moving. The flavors are so good you’ll break into song and dance like a Bollywood movie. No wonder it has such a passionate online following. This functional beverage was created by a husband and wife team that have since turned down offers from Costco to keep Perk exclusively distributed through pharmacies like yours.

It’s hard to believe the love some soccer moms have for Perk. If you really want to see what the buzz is all about, go to @PerkEnergy on Instagram to see thousands of fanatical comments from 28,000+ Perkers.

Pharmacy Exclusive is a high absorption hemp extract CBD that you can promote via Patient Pipeline. It’s patented drug delivery technology improves the absorption and bioavailability by 4X. One $75 bottle of 30ct 25mg Pharmacy Exclusive has the CBD absorption equivalent of six $65 bottles of the 30ct 15mg Popular Pharmacy Brand, which saves your patients $315. Pharmacy Exclusive has a 50% margin and is truly exclusive to pharmacies, unlike Popular Pharmacy Brand, which has a direct to consumer brand that is identical in strength and price to it. Pharmacy Exclusive is member of the Patient Pipeline family of family-owned businesses helping your family-owned business serve families.

Franklin Eyewear is a sun & reading glasses product line made exclusively for independent pharmacies. These glasses are of great quality and style. They’re easy to reorder and restock, as they’re color-coded by strength and category. The sun & reading glasses retail for $6.99. The sun bifocals and polarized sunglasses retail for $9.99. These low retails often cause multiple sales. You’ll enjoy a 50% profit margin, plus free displays and free shipping! This must-have product line was founded 40 years ago by Al Underwood, and since then he and his wife have been providing legendary customer service to thousands of independent pharmacies.

“I have trouble keeping these in stock!”
Please watch this 1 minute testimonial
Fred "Cole" Sandlin of Fred’s Pharmacy of Hamilton, Alabama

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